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Stephanie, Roanoke, Va
“Do it for yourself, do it for your children. Those little lives need you.”

When Stephanie discovered she was pregnant with her third child, she was living in a car in a parking lot and suffering from crippling depression over her substance use disorder and the loss of her other two kids to foster care. Terrified to make a change, Stephanie credits her third child with not only saving her life, but with being the catalyst that reunited her entire family. With the help of Project LINK,View Testimonial Stephanie found diverse women sharing stories of common struggles. This community and their acceptance helped strengthen her resolve. Even when faced with judgment from others who didn’t understand her story, or her commitment to change, Stephanie remained steadfast. 

Now more than one year sober, Stephanie takes pleasure in the small things many people may overlook. Bath time. Taking her kids to the doctor. And especially those three simple words her daughter says every night, “I love you.”

Resources that Helped Me:

Project Link at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

Project Link is a program for pregnant women and women with children under five who seek help. Call 540-266-9200 and ask to be connected with Susan Shirley (ext. 3275) or Patricia Spangler (ext.3223).

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